Monday, 16 April 2012

GenerationNext is here! The Under 18s Grime mixtape is now available for free download!

We opened our email floodgates to all of the Grime MCs out there under the age of 18 to give them a much needed opportunity to step up and show off their skills!

We received tracks from all across the UK and whittled it down to 18 tracks which showcase a range of talent embracing the full spectrum of the Grime sound!

And now you can check out these MCs of tomorrow... today! Absolutely free via Kiss and WeruMusic, all available in 320kbps mp3!

Some of these names you may know, some you may not.... That's the beauty of GenerationNext! We are bringing brand new names, faces and voices to you!

Tracklisting (In alphabetical order):

DeeJillz - Dem Man (Prod by Faze Miyake)
Dubz D - What's He Talking About (Prod by Bless Beats)
Emron - Moving (Prod by JG)
Flume - When The Wind Blows (Prod by SNY)
Jinx - Shubbs (Prod by K1)
Kamali - Words Are Weapons (Prod by Kamali)
Kasst - Grime To The Bone (Prod by Spooky)
L Strally - Strally (Prod by Mr Tetris)
LY Bossman - My Man Are On (Prod by JG)
Novelist - Who's Nov (Prod by Mr Tetris)
Paraz - SoBow (Prod by ???)
PK - Bounce (Prod by Spyro)
Rampage - Hood Life (Prod by Dot Rotten)
Ruthless - I Do This (Prod by ???)
Saint P - Weatherman (Prod by Kajmir Royale)
Showah Starz - Duck Monster (Prod by Infamous One)
Sussy - Swing (Prod by USF)
V.X - Hold Up (Prod by A2Z)

You can listen to each track before you download, download them individually or all together from WeruMusic:!/c/music/view/album/42

You can download all of these tracks absolutely free in a zip folder via WeTransfer:

And if you entered and din't make it, or were not able to get your tracks ready in time DO NOT WORRY! We will be doing it allll over again in August! So get preparing now. Write those bars, perfect your delivery and flow and find yourselves a studio because this summer GenerationNext 1.2 will be coming!

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