Saturday, 31 March 2012

Logan Sama: "Generation Next" mixtape! Calling all Under 18s MCS!

If you are a young MC who is passionate about the Grime sound and wants to get heard this is your chance! Over the next 2 weeks we want YOU to record and submit your best new tracks for a huge mixtape project between myself and Kiss!

On the 16th of April 'Logan Sama presents: Generation Next' will be released via the official Kiss FM website and as a free download. We will choose the best and brightest talent from the entries submitted and collect them together in a mixtape which showcases the FUTURE of Grime. Hopefully that future will be YOU!

The rules are very simple. PLEASE READ THEM CAREFULLY:

1. You MUST have been born on, or after, April 1st 1994. This is for Under 18s only.
2. You MUST vocal a Grime production that you have either purchased or that has been made specifically for you. No Rap, Dubstep or other genres please. And no leaked tunes that haven't been released yet. Grime instrumentals that have been made available for free download by the producers are allowed
3. You MUSTN'T swear, use homophobic language or send for anyone on the track. This is a showcase of how good a lyricist you are.
4. The track must be new and unreleased. Not on YouTube or for sale/download.
5. All tracks must be solo tracks, no features or crew tunes.

Very simple! So get writing, get recording and get sending your tracks in to us! 'Logan Sama presents: Generation Next' could be the kick start to your career, so make sure you give it your best!

You can start submitting your tracks RIGHT NOW and entries close on Saturday April 14th at 12 midday!

To submit your tracks you must do the following all in the same email:

1. UPLOAD your track as a high quality mp3 file using and copy the download link.
2. Include that download link in an email AS WELL AS a clear photo of some ID proving your name and date of birth. You can take this on your phone if necessary.
3. Send us the FULL info on the track including the producer and the name of the track.

Then send your email to

YOU ARE LIMITED TO THREE ENTRIES PER PERSON. If you enter more than 3 times, we will only consider your first 3 entries.

Best of luck to you all! Work hard and you will see the positive results!

Remember whatever you do, KEEP IT GRIMY!

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