Monday, 28 October 2013

Generation Next Producer Contest: How To Enter.....

So.... After much interest and a bit of hype, it has begun! Generation Next: Producer Contest!

For the next 3 weeks I will be accepting submissions from any and every producer of Grime music to try and find some exciting new talent!

Hopefully you have read the previous post here:

So you should know that we will be holding a public vote to decide the best 4 tracks and putting them together onto a vinyl AND digital release on my label with all the profits going to the artists.

How to enter.....

Send an email with an MP3 of your track attached to Also include your name and any details you want to share such as twitter, SoundCloud or website address.

ALL ENTRIES will be uploaded to the KeepinItGrimy soundcloud page: (which we will start using a lot more often going forwards)

So even if you don't win this will be a GREAT place to check out new producer talent by seeing which tracks are getting the most plays and comments!

Three weeks to submit tracks then 1 week to vote for your favourite 4 beats! The top 4 voted tracks will be offered the opportunity to be released on my Earth616 label on limited edition vinyl and a full digital release!

I hope not only listeners but also DJs and artists discover some great new talent through this platform and it is a pleasure to be able to give new talent a chance to get heard and aid them on their journey by releasing some of their music!

So get your tracks in! Remember: MP3 format. Attachments. And include your details!

Entries CLOSE at midnight on November 19th (That is Monday night) so please make sure you get your beats in pronto. THERE IS NO LIMIT TO THE NUMBER OF TIMES YOU CAN ENTER! But remember the public will be able to listen and comment so only bring out your best work!

Don't forget the hashtag #GenerationNext when you talk about what is going on via Twitter!

Good luck and remember KEEP IT GRIMY!

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

GENERATION NEXT: Producer contest announcement

I have always been interested in new artists. Anyone who makes Grime music. More than anything I am a Grime fan, so finding new talent both excites and inspires me.

We have already ran a number of competitions for MCs (which we have some unfinished business to deal with very soon) but this time I want to open a platform for the many talented people around the world who are making Grime beats right now. Because, to paraphrase a classic tune.. "if it wasn't for the music, I don't know what we'd do".

Through my label Earth616 I have had the pleasure of working with talented producers starting out their journey such as Maniac, Teeza, Preditah and most recently TC4. I want to once again use the platform I have as a prominent DJ within Grime to shine light on talented creators of this music we all love.

Starting next Monday, for the next 3 weeks we will be accepting submissions from ANYONE who wants to take part. A page will be set up wherein you can send us an mp3 file of your intrumental track where it will be uploaded to the KeepinItGrimy SoundCloud and included in a public vote to choose 4 quality Grime beats and hopefully unearth some great new talent!

As it stands, all I can say is that the 4 most popular tracks will be offered the chance to be released on my Earth616 label on both digital AND limited edition vinyl with all the profits going directly to the artists! But there will be more added as we go along.

So please spread the word, you may get the opportunity to see your work pressed onto a vinyl and released. And at the very least your music will be collected in a play-list of exciting new Grime which may get you noticed even if you are not voted as one of the top 4. The hash tag is #GenerationNext so get involved and get your beats ready for Monday!

I hope this can be a really positive thing for everyone and word spreads far and wide so we are flooded with amazing new music to enjoy.

Thanks for your time and I will see you all again right here next Monday.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Generation Next 2 voting now closed!

As you can see, voting has now closed for the Generation Next 2 project!

The 5 most popular artists were:

Saint P

We will be inviting them down to the Kiss studio to record a special Generation Next edition of After Hours and all 5 will be recording their own freestyles for the KeepinItGrimy channel!

Look out for those!

You can of course download or listen to Generation Next 2 from this very blog absolutely free! Just go to

Monday, 29 October 2012


Generation Next is the only all Under 18s Grime mix tape dedicated to pushing the future of Grime with the artists who will ensure the genre will continue for another 10 years!

Generation Next 2 features 16 talented young people (male AND female!) who have all made the grade and now it is up to you the listener to cast your opinions on the music they have delivered.

Before they touched 18 years old, artists like Dizzee Rascal, Tinchy Stryder and Tinie Tempah were already impressing us in the Grime scene. Could one of these 16 artists follow in their international footsteps?

16 tracks available absolutely free, you can download them via the Soundcloud player embedded in this post. Please check all of the tracks out as there is some great young talent on show!

Listen and download to the full Generation Next 2 mix tape here:

Download all tracks in a Zip Folder:

But this is only the first step of the journey! For these young artists they could see even more exposure if they impress you! We want you to vote for your 5 favourite acts based on these tracks. The 5 most popular will be invited down to the Kiss Studios to record a one off Generation Next AFTER HOURS set and individual freestyles for the KeepinItGrimy YouTube channel!

Your votes could help propel someone to stardom! So please listen to the tracks, enjoy them.... and then show your support for your 5 favourites by voting in this easy to do poll! (no cheating! we will know and your votes will not be counted!)


Sunday, 28 October 2012


Here it is..... the tracklist for Generation Next 2!

Thanks to everyone who entered! If you made the final tracklist CONGRATULATIONS!

The mix tape will be available to download for free tomorrow night! Look out for it!

And please make sure you vote for your favourite track when the poll goes up!

Don't stop KeepinItGrimy!

Monday, 22 October 2012

Generation Next 2: Release date MONDAY 29TH OCTOBER

Hey guys!

I know you've been waiting to find out who has made it on to the 2nd volume of the only Under 18s Grime mixtape out there compiled by yours truly and thanks for your patience!

Big thanks to the artists as well, all of you, who have submitted their tracks! Without you guys we wouldn't be able to do this.... and without you guys we would have no future in the Grime scene! 10 years deep this genre has great history of showcasing new raw talent and that is what Generation Next is all about! Dizzee, Tinchy and Tinie were all impressing us before they hit 18 years old and hopefully we will find another future star to emerge from this amazing scene!

Let's get down to the details:

Generation Next 2 will be available to download absolutely free on MONDAY THE 29TH OF OCTOBER through this blog and the Kiss website at 7pm. I will of course be smashing it on Twitter as well, so follow me to get the link @DJLoganSama

I will release the tracklisting for the mixtape on Friday evening so all you young MCs can gass up all of your followers and supporters over the weekend and really make this mixtape pop off on Monday night!

If you want to find out exactly who has made it on to Generation Next 2 then return right here on Friday night to find out!

But that is not the end of this project! Oh no! We will be opening a poll where the public can vote for their favourite tracks on the CD. The top 5 rated MCs will be invited down to Kiss to record their very own Generation Next After Hours session and record freestyles for the KeepinItGrimy YouTube channel!

We received some great entries and I am really excited for you guys to hear some of the young talent on show within the Grime scene. And if you didn't get your track in time and think you have what it takes.... Generation Next 3 will be coming back around sooner than you think!

Respect and don't ever stop KeepinItGrimy


Monday, 13 August 2012


The only Under 18s Grime Mixtape that throws its gates open to everyone is back!


Following up the success of the first Generation Next mixtape that we dropped 3 months ago we are back with round 2! Once more all young Grime MCs are welcome to send us in an original and unreleased track for this new project set to drop in September! Here is how.....

1. Record a FRESH track.. Your tune can not already be out for sale, uploaded on YouTube or Soundcloud or available on a mixtape/promo. BRAND NEW BARS PLEASE!

2. Save your track as a high quality audio file (preferably WAV) and upload it using Sendspace/Yousendit

3. Using a camera/phone/webcam take a clear picture of some form of photo ID. Passport/Provisional license is preferable. Birth Certificate or College ID is ok. If we find out you aren't under 18 then you will not only get disqualified... you will be made an example of! You MUST be born after September 1st 1994.

4. Copy your download link from step 2 and put it in an email along with the picture of your ID and email it in to:

5. WAIT and see if you make the cut! You may only submit THREE tracks. So don't send your whole catalogue! THREE tracks!

We will pick the top 15 tracks submitted and they will get onto the GENERATION NEXT 2 Mixtape!


We will put all 15 tracks up for a public vote and the TOP 5 rated MCs will be invited down to record an After Hours together plus a Versus Session video for the KeepinItGrimy YouTube channel!


Sunday, 15 July 2012

Preditah - Red Bull EP OUT NOW!

Finally it has landed after all the hype and build up!

Preditah's eagerly anticipated 'Red Bull EP' is in stores right now!

You can get it via iTunes: or in hi-res mp3 from amazon:

Check out this awesome promo video shot by Aaron Hanson at the prestigious Cable club in Bermondsey, South London!

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Frisco - Grime Lord video (via Grimedaily)

Frisco drops his new video to track 'Grime Lord' featuring certified Grime Lord D Double E!

video courtesy Grime Daily

Back 2 Da Lab 4 is out now:

Frisco recently passed through the show and recorded this Versus session for us:

Also, check out this documentary we filmed with Frisco recently:

After Hours with Bloodline Family hits 50 thousand views!

The full Bloodline family passed through Kiss studios recently as Big H returned from a hiatus and dropped his new track 'Mark Of The Beast'

We HAD to give you guys the set you had been demanding so Big H, Prez T, Bossman, Dan and Milli all went in for the After Hours!

And you definitely appreciated it as it has now hit 50,000 views!

Jammer's 30th birthday rave (video via Grimedaily)

One word.... LEGENDARY

New VERSUS SESSIONS ft. Tempa T, D Power, Frisco, Big H & Bloodline

We've been going hard with the Versus sessions on the show!

What is a 'Versus session'? We invite big MCs down to promote their latest releases and ask them to pick one of their favourite current beats and simply go IN for the full duration with their freshest bars! You can hear these live on the show every Monday night but of course Hansons House films and edits them for our KeepinItGrimy YouTube channel!

Here's the most recent ones:

Remember to subscribe to for all the latest videos on the channel!


Preditah drops his newest instrumental EP on July 16th on both digital AND vinyl formats. This includes 5 massive tracks which you have been hearing on sets on heavy rotation recently!

Red Bull
and the bonus Airwaves VIP is included in the digital EP

You can hear the EP showreel courtesy of Preditah's Soundcloud To win a SIGNED vinyl copy of this EP we want to see you get creative! I will also throw in FULL Earth616 vinyl back catalogue plus some t shirts and maybe a cap!

Take one of these:
and one of these:
We want to see you customize and graff up a Red Bull can with as much Preditah related goodness using just a permanent marker. Take a photo and tweet it to @DJLoganSama The coolest design will win the signed vinyl before release!

I managed to knock THIS up in 5 minutes at Kiss! I am SURE you guys can do better!

Competition closes on July 10th and Preditah himself will pick the best design! Get scribbling!

Monday, 16 April 2012

GenerationNext is here! The Under 18s Grime mixtape is now available for free download!

We opened our email floodgates to all of the Grime MCs out there under the age of 18 to give them a much needed opportunity to step up and show off their skills!

We received tracks from all across the UK and whittled it down to 18 tracks which showcase a range of talent embracing the full spectrum of the Grime sound!

And now you can check out these MCs of tomorrow... today! Absolutely free via Kiss and WeruMusic, all available in 320kbps mp3!

Some of these names you may know, some you may not.... That's the beauty of GenerationNext! We are bringing brand new names, faces and voices to you!

Tracklisting (In alphabetical order):

DeeJillz - Dem Man (Prod by Faze Miyake)
Dubz D - What's He Talking About (Prod by Bless Beats)
Emron - Moving (Prod by JG)
Flume - When The Wind Blows (Prod by SNY)
Jinx - Shubbs (Prod by K1)
Kamali - Words Are Weapons (Prod by Kamali)
Kasst - Grime To The Bone (Prod by Spooky)
L Strally - Strally (Prod by Mr Tetris)
LY Bossman - My Man Are On (Prod by JG)
Novelist - Who's Nov (Prod by Mr Tetris)
Paraz - SoBow (Prod by ???)
PK - Bounce (Prod by Spyro)
Rampage - Hood Life (Prod by Dot Rotten)
Ruthless - I Do This (Prod by ???)
Saint P - Weatherman (Prod by Kajmir Royale)
Showah Starz - Duck Monster (Prod by Infamous One)
Sussy - Swing (Prod by USF)
V.X - Hold Up (Prod by A2Z)

You can listen to each track before you download, download them individually or all together from WeruMusic:!/c/music/view/album/42

You can download all of these tracks absolutely free in a zip folder via WeTransfer:

And if you entered and din't make it, or were not able to get your tracks ready in time DO NOT WORRY! We will be doing it allll over again in August! So get preparing now. Write those bars, perfect your delivery and flow and find yourselves a studio because this summer GenerationNext 1.2 will be coming!