Monday, 28 October 2013

Generation Next Producer Contest: How To Enter.....

So.... After much interest and a bit of hype, it has begun! Generation Next: Producer Contest!

For the next 3 weeks I will be accepting submissions from any and every producer of Grime music to try and find some exciting new talent!

Hopefully you have read the previous post here:

So you should know that we will be holding a public vote to decide the best 4 tracks and putting them together onto a vinyl AND digital release on my label with all the profits going to the artists.

How to enter.....

Send an email with an MP3 of your track attached to Also include your name and any details you want to share such as twitter, SoundCloud or website address.

ALL ENTRIES will be uploaded to the KeepinItGrimy soundcloud page: (which we will start using a lot more often going forwards)

So even if you don't win this will be a GREAT place to check out new producer talent by seeing which tracks are getting the most plays and comments!

Three weeks to submit tracks then 1 week to vote for your favourite 4 beats! The top 4 voted tracks will be offered the opportunity to be released on my Earth616 label on limited edition vinyl and a full digital release!

I hope not only listeners but also DJs and artists discover some great new talent through this platform and it is a pleasure to be able to give new talent a chance to get heard and aid them on their journey by releasing some of their music!

So get your tracks in! Remember: MP3 format. Attachments. And include your details!

Entries CLOSE at midnight on November 19th (That is Monday night) so please make sure you get your beats in pronto. THERE IS NO LIMIT TO THE NUMBER OF TIMES YOU CAN ENTER! But remember the public will be able to listen and comment so only bring out your best work!

Don't forget the hashtag #GenerationNext when you talk about what is going on via Twitter!

Good luck and remember KEEP IT GRIMY!

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