Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Discarda - Rhyme On remix WINNERS!

After receiving so many amazing entries and over a thousand votes, we finally closed the poll and the top remixes were collated!

We originally planned to release only the top 4 mixes, but in some twist of fate the 4th spot was actually a tie! Instead of trying to find some arbitrary way to narrow it down, we decided to put out the top 5 remixes this SUNDAY as voted for by you, the public! So here they are.... Track them all down on twitter for beats!

Alex D @AlexD_Producer

Hyperchord @Hyperchordbass

Mista Spleen @Mista_Spleen

HK @TheKHProducer


These will be available to buy THIS SUNDAY with the instrumentals included, so check them out!

You can still hear all of the entries on the RhymeOnRemix Soundcloud page, here is all 31 of them!

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