Friday, 10 February 2012

Promo mix: Logan Sama - Power Of 16 mix

The new Power Of 16 compilation is out NOW! 2 discs and 32 tracks from the like of Dexplicit, Spooky, Royal T, SRC, Mr Snowman, Mr Mitch plus many many more

Purcahse it now via Juno download: CLICK HERE TO BUY!

I took all of the tracks and jumped in the studio to knock out this promo mix playing all 32 tracks to show you what you can do with this awesome compilation!

You can download the mix here:

Or listen to it via MixCloud here:


Dexplicit - Machine Man
Royal T - Jawside Levitator
USF - Swing
Spooky - Sector 7
Stinkahbell - Brandons Flute
Ninja - Void Element
Mr Snowman - Fizzy Bubbly
Freezin - Suspect
SRC - Monster Island
MorPheus - The Pheus
Stinkahbell - Takes It Out Of Me
Mr Snowman - Late Night Sleeper
Royal T - Shut The Funk Up
SNK Beatz - Drunken Master
Ganjaman - Dirty Dutch
Dexplicit - Alien
SRC - Supernova
Ninja - Nano Bugs
Macabre Unit - Don't Watch ME
Mr Mitch - Red Knuckle
USF - Soundbwoy Killa
Macabre Unit - Dead Set
SNK Beatz - West Hill
Earlybird - Ay!
Mr Mitch - Congo Warrior
Freezin - Rotten
Tantrum - Megadrive
MorPheus - The Who
Tantrum - Born Leader
Early Bird - Princess Drive
Ganjaman - Lemon Haze
Spooky - Haunted Forrest