Friday, 28 October 2011

Earth616 releases schedule update:

So as the Eightsome EP from Preditah pushes another new name out to the wider world from this amazing scene we have, and the now sold out TPs of the Earth616 Autumn Sampler have been shipped out to the lucky buyers, what comes next?

Well we have the full release of the Autumn Sampler of course, coming mid November on 12" vinyl featuring Rudekid - Spring, Preditah - Overdose, Faze Miyake vs Preditah - Take Off vs Gargoyle and Nu Klear - Annealing. 4 tracks never before available in physical format and 3 of these are exclusive to this release!

This Sampler format functions not only as a snapshot in time of what Grime is being played at that moment in the scene, but also provides a platform to showcase future release projects on the label. And that is most evident on this release...

Following up the awesome 'Eightsome' EP, Preditah will be dropping the 4 track 'Circles' EP end of November on both vinyl and digital formats. This will feature the title track 'Circles' as well as 'Airwaves', 'Gargoyle VIP' (as heard on the No MC remix by Manga) and 'Woah VIP". On a Ltd Edition orange vinyl in stores last week in November.

One of my favourite new young producers looking to do big things in 2012, Nu Klear will be coming with his 'The Experiment' EP in December once more in the 8 track digital only format. Tracklisting TBC but this is due to be a big launching point for this exciting producer. Look out for his collab with Footsie as well forthcoming on the 'Zoot Break EP' on Braindead Ent!

And finally, I am INCREDIBLY happy to announce that the Tropical 2 project will be released throughout Dacember and January as 3 stand alone, unmixed 4 track EPs on BOTH vinyl and digital formats!

Loads of great music for you guys leading into 2012 where we will be focussing on bringing back some legends of Grime production to the forefront!

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