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Release info: Preditah - Eightsome EP OCTOBER 10TH

I am excited to confirm that Preditah's first release on my Earth616 label will be with you on October 10th! A digital release including 8 tracks that covers the builk of his work over the past 6 months and is a perfect entry into the world of PRE-DI-TAH!

Press Release:

Relatively unknown seven months ago, Preditah’s ascension to the top of the Grime scene this year has been nothing less than extraordinary. JME’s enigmatic ‘PRE DI TAH’ tweets throughout February this year sparked wider intrigue around the Birmingham producer and ensured his debut release, the ‘Solitaire E.P’, shot to number four in the iTunes electronica charts, receiving plays across 1Xtra, KISS FM and Rinse FM in the process.

The ‘Solitaire E.P’ started Preditah’s hype. His features on JME’s recent ‘Tropical’ set boost it. Now, with the ‘Eightsome E.P’, it’s going to be realised.

Released October 10th on Logan Sama’s flagship Earth 616 label, Preditah’s ‘Eightsome E.P’ is an astute collection of eight instrumentals which harness that dark brooding, energy Grime was once renowned for and reinterpret it for 2011.

Interest in 8-Bar Grime continues to build and as such, producers like Preditah find themselves at the forefront of an innovative and current sound that had been long-abandoned by its originators. E.P opener ‘Big Mikee’ for example, with its cowbells, horror-movie strings and detuned bass kicks, is both fresh-sounding and immediately reminiscent of Grime classics by the likes of Big Shot and Youngstar.

Who thought Grime could be nostalgic?!

‘Gargoyle’ (the instrumental to Manga’s smash ‘No MC’) draws inspiration from another era of Grime that saw Skepta and Wiley productions rise to prominence. ‘Gargoyle’ is, like many of the tunes on the ‘Eightsome E.P’, devastatingly minimal yet its deadpan brasses, whiplash snares and vocal snippets thud with clout and authority, indicative of a producer brimming with confidence.

Coupled with the tracks 'Protein Shake', 'Royal Mess' & 'Nosy Parker' which may be better recognised as the instrumentals to Preditah's remix of recent Butterz release 'Trim - I Am', exciting midlands talent 'C4 - Oorite' and his production on current MistaJam favourite 'Discarda - Rhyme On' respectively, which up until now were unavailable anywhere. At a time of free promos of throw-away music and releases fluffed with fillers, such strength in depth in a release is at a premium.

Preditah’s stripped-back music is made for the main rooms – highlighting the fact that the Grime scenes’ attention is finally shifting back to live performance. It’s no surprise MC’s are clamouring to work with him.

The ‘Eightsome E.P’ is out October 10th on Earth 616 and available from all good digital outlets.


1. Big Mikee
2. Gargoyle
3. Goofy
4. Hectic
5. Nosy Parker
6. Protein Shake
7. Royal Mess
8. The One

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