Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Kreayshawn party at Old Blue last with JME

Just come out of an absolutely ram packed Old Blue after a fantastic night! Kreayshawn was in town and Vice threw a party in the Old Blue Last venue. Everyone who's ever been there knows what an 'intimate' venue it is. And surely enough when I got there at 9.30 already hundreds of people had been turned away as it was at capacity!

I chilled upstairs in the green room away from the sauna like temperatures in there, as a veteran of several Old Blue raves in my time I knew it was sweat-it-out central once full!

After the DJ went through a big selection of 70bpm trap anthems to get everyone lively Kreayshawn and her enormous minded appeared and were cool enough to take some pics back stage with fans and industry heads alike. She went on to do a set of some of her older tracks to introduce the crowd to her history along with some new joints culminating in 'Guccu Gucci'. Her stage presence was really good and she was full of the positive American energy!

She seemed like a genuinely cool person just come to have a good time and thanked the crowd for the love they showed her.

Then it was my turn to step up with 20 minutes of as many Grime reloads as I could fit in. Newham Gens, Dizzee, Lethal B, P Money & Blacks, Tempz... That was as far as I got into my cd wallet when JME took the stage for his headline set.

Opening with acapella rendition of Food to test the knowledge of the crowd he was sufficiently satisfied to go into his set. Beginning with Juju riddim and working his was quickened through tracks off Famous? and his mistapes the crowd were really getting worked up!

Going into tracks from Blam! And the singalongs really kicked in as fans and journalists came together in the crowd to raise the roof! When he dropped Rebound X - Rhythm n Gash (Spyro Remix) he was joined on stage by Shorty and also Frisco. The crowd went skitz!

Returning back to his PAs, he announced he was working on a Mainstream album with Pink, Lady Gaga and Jedward. He then dropped Tupac Back instrumental and informed the crowd this was to be his collab with the Jedward twins... It dropped into 'JME' produced by Teddy off the Blam! album and the crowd went mad as the chorus became a loud karaoke session.

Announcing his last tune he asked everyone to take 50 steps back in exchange for 500 pounds each. After a while the front row shuffled back far enough for him to feel it was safe to drop his last track..... POW 2011! More Grime karaoke followed and he thanked the crowd. Then came back for an Encore of Too Many Man as Shorty and Frisco joined him again on stage.

I had a wicked night and thanks once again to Russ and HyperFrank for involving me!

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