Wednesday, 21 September 2011

JME & Shorty Gear Of War 3 stream archive!

Yesterday we streamed Gears of War 3 LIVE from HMV Gamerbase in Trocadero with Boy Better Know members JME and Shorty.

As you will see they both got WELL into the game whilst the guys in stream got into the competition!

Hour 1:

Watch live video from armshouse on

Hour 2:

Watch live video from armshouse on

Once again a massive thank you to James Bardolph and the fantastic Armshouse stream, thank you to HMV Gamerbase for allowing us to use their facility, thank you to Microsoft for providing us with the prize and thank you to ALL OF YOU for locking in and making it such good fun! There will be more of this to come in future so keep an eye out!

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