Thursday, 29 April 2010

Street Fighter taking over MY world! Check this, the first ever bets offered by a bookie on a Video Game!

SUPER STREET FIGHTER 4 IS OUT TODAAAAAAYYYYY! If you haven't bought it yet run down to the shops now and cop that it is sicker!

What is almost as sick is that D Double E Street Fighter Riddim vocal, which got its world premier on my show this Monday! If you are a fan of D Double E or the Newham Generals lock in to my show this Bank Holiday Monday to hear both Dee and Footsie on the show for a special interview!

As I said earlier, yesterday Ryan Hart (one of the very best fighting games players in the world for years) and Femi Adeboye (a top rated Rufus player in SF4 in the UK and all round cool guy) faced off in a one off exhibition match sponsored by Capcom and Paddy Power. The reason this was such a special event is because for the first time EVER a bookmaker was accepting bets on the outcome of the result. This is a big deal because while we live in an age where you can bet on Elvis becoming the next Prime Minister or whether your own son will play for England in the 2030 World Cup finals, there has never EVERRRR been a book run on competitive video gaming. This sees a big step forwards for top ranked video gaming in general and legitimises it as an 'E-Sport' for the future. Expect to see a lot of big gaming events coming up linked to the fighting game genre in 2010 and beyond.

I would recommend checking out who are the premier tournament operators for Street Fighter and many other fighting games in the UK right now, they have TWO events in the next week so come on down!

Here is the video of the epic clash between Femi and Ryan, and it goes down to the last round! I am glad I had £50 on the fastest round being between 21 and 40 seconds! Thanks guys.

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